Dustin Grubbs: One-Man Show

Published by Little, Brown & Company

"...lighthearted and uproarious..."


NAME: Dustin Grubbs

AGE: 11

CAREER GOAL: To change the world through my meaningful performances in movies, on TV, and the Broadway stage.

So maybe wanting to be an actor is kind of an ambitious dream for a sixth-grader--especially in a school that hasn't put on a play since the Dark Ages.


But nothing can stop Dustin Grubbs. He's snagged the leading role in a play that started out as a class project and is about to make his debut in front of the entire school--until a real live celebrity moves to Buttermilk Falls and threatens to steal the show.

Packed with catastrophes, crazy capers, and quirky characters, Dustin Grubbs: One-Man Show  is a laugh-a-minute testament to "The show must go on!"

Praise for Dustin Grubbs: One-Man Show...

"Bonk must have had a wonderful time writing this story: quirky characters (even minor ones) have great lines; there are plenty of hilarious scenes, occasionally interrupted by thoughtful, bittersweet moments; and everything is wrapped up with a very satisfying ending." - Chris Sherman, Booklist

"It's rare for a book to make me laugh out loud--sometimes I wonder if I'm humor impaired. Well, Dustin Grubbs: One-Man Show made me laugh out loud! If you don't laugh during Granny's birthday party, you're made of sterner stuff than I am." 

- Jan Fields, MyShelf.com

"...lighthearted and uproarious...Dustin is an eminently likeable narrator. The fast pace and good-natured humor will appeal to a wide range of readers." - Rachael Vilmar, School Library Journal

"...a fun and fast read. You'll definitely be rooting for Dustin all the way." - YABooksCentral.com

"...an act you shouldn't miss. This is a feel-good book that will have you laughing even after the last page is turned." - TeensReadToo.com

"The first-person narrative is clever and breezy, and the secondary characters such as Dustin's neighbor Ellen Mennopi (nicknamed LMNOP) are lively without stealing the show."

- The Horn Book Guide

"Bonk has captured the drama of middle school with its emphasis on friendships and peer pressure." - Flamingnet.com

"Fun characters and one misfortune after another will have you laughing out loud!"

- KidsBookshelf.com

"Read this fantastically funny book."

- Yeah Write Children's Literary Review